Thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) are a great way to make your heating more efficient. They let you control radiators separately, so you can heat each room in your home to the ideal temperature. With effective TRVs, you can make your home more comfortable and cut your heating bills.


What are thermostatic radiator valves?

Thermostatic radiator valves are valves that control the temperature of a space by adjusting the amount of water that enters its radiators. This affects how hot they get, and therefore how warm they make the room.

Standard TRVs feature a capsule that expands and contracts as the room’s temperature changes. This moves a pin, which opens and closes a valve, and keeps the radiator and the room at the temperature you want. Electronic TRVs also work by adjusting the radiator valves, but communicate with your smart thermostat to more accurately control the temperatures of the different rooms of your home.


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Why waste money heating rooms you’re not using? With TRVs you have the option to turn radiators off in certain rooms while keeping your home heating on. This is an easy way to reduce your energy use and cut your heating bill.

TRVs also make it easy to keep different areas of your home at different temperatures. Rather than heating your whole home to the temperature set on your thermostat, you could turn the radiators down in busy parts of your home or areas that are heated naturally, like conservatories.


It’s usually best not to put TRVs on bathroom radiators. This is because the heat produced by a bath or shower will cause the valve to shut off, so you won’t be able to use the radiator to heat the room and fight off condensation.

It’s also not recommended to install a TRV in the room with your home thermostat, as the TRV and thermostat will both try to control the heating of your entire home.


Use zonal heating to keep all the rooms in your home the perfect temperature and save money on your energy bills. Electronic smart TRVs let you to set up heating zones in your home and control these from one central smart thermostat, like the Honeywell evohome. This gives you precise control over your heating system, both at home and remotely.

Unlike standard TRVs, electronic smart TRVs can precisely control and monitor the temperature of a room, and are easy to adjust whenever you like. This means you won’t waste money heating rooms that are already the right temperature.

If you don’t already have TRVs in your home, it’s definitely worth considering electronic smart TRVs. You’ll need to fit them in multiple rooms and have a smart thermostat to make the most of them. Even if you do have TRVs, try upgrading to electronic smart ones for more convenient, comfortable home heating.

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