Ideal boilers have been on the market for over 100 years. Ideal is a British company that has been operating in the domestic and commercial heating markets since 1906. They make several different heating products, including combi, system and standard boilers, heating controls, cylinders and filters.

Why get an Ideal boiler?

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Ideal have a strong commitment to quality, innovation and value in their boiler production and development. They’re dedicated to providing reliable and competitively priced products to help their customers enjoy a comfortable home for less.

Ideal boilers have excellent efficiency levels and provide heating solutions for a range of homes. The company came fourth in Which?’s 2017 best boiler brand survey, which asked 10,000 industry engineers and homeowners to rate UK boiler manufacturers.

We give Ideal a brand score of 4.0/5.

Ideal boiler ranges

Ideal offer several different boiler ranges to cater for as many homeowners as possible. They aim to provide boilers for a range of different homes and bathroom fittings to help their customers create a comfortable home.

Ideal Logic

The Ideal Logic is a boiler range that’s perfect for small and medium sized homes with a range of different hot water needs. Its models are particularly compact, so can easily be installed in a normal kitchen cupboard.

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Ideal Logic+

The Ideal Logic+ is a boiler range that suits small-medium sized properties that have lots of different hot water needs. Its models are easy to use and very compact, so great if you want to put your boiler in your kitchen cupboard.

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Ideal Vogue

The Ideal Vogue is a boiler range that’s designed for homes with three or four bedrooms. Its models have their controls neatly hidden behind panels, so are ideal if you want a boiler you can put on your wall.

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