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How to Know if Your Home Needs a New Boiler

Your boiler is a really important part of your home. It helps you keep your rooms warm, your hot water hot, and your home a welcoming place to be all year round. So, it’s vital that your heating system works well and you invest in a new boiler when you need to. But how do you know when to do this?

Our 9 signs you might need a new boiler

It can be really tricky to know when your boiler’s functioning correctly and when you should be considering replacing it. So, here are 9 signs to look out for that could indicate that your home needs a new boiler.

1. You don’t get heat when you need it

It’s pretty essential that your boiler heats your home when you want it to. If your radiators take hours to heat up or your hot water never seems warm enough, this could be a sign that your boiler’s on its way out.

Don’t be tempted to put up with a boiler that’s not working properly, it’s probably costing you more to run than a new boiler that will heat your home far more efficiently. Sort out the problem before winter hits so you can keep your home comfortable throughout the colder months.

2. Your boiler has a low efficiency rating

An inefficient boiler isn’t going to benefit your home in the long term – it just means that you’ll end up spending a lot more money on boiler fuel than you need to. According to the new Boiler Plus regulation, which came into force in April 2018, all new boilers installed in the UK now need to be at least 92% efficient. They also need to be condensing, which many old boilers aren’t. This shows how important it is that your boiler is efficient, both for the environment and your home.

The Boiler Plus regulation doesn’t apply to boilers that were installed before April 2018. But even if there’s nothing wrong with your boiler and it was installed before this date, it still might be worth replacing it with something more efficient. According to the Energy Saving Trust, replacing a G-rated old boiler with a new A-rated condensing one could save you up to £305 a year on your energy bills.

3. Your energy bills are rising

Another sign that your home needs a new boiler is rising energy bills. It’s natural that your energy bills might go up a bit when the weather gets colder and you use your heating more. But if you notice a significant increase, or your bills keep rising throughout the year, this could be a sign that your boiler’s not working properly. If this is because it’s inefficient or has developed a fault, your most economic option will probably be to invest in a new boiler.

4. Your boiler’s over 10 years old

Heating technology is developing and improving all the time. This means that, generally speaking, older boilers are much less efficient than newer ones. This doesn’t mean that you should go out and replace your 5 year-old boiler immediately, regardless of whether it’s working properly – boilers that are just a few years old should be working fine. But if your boiler is over 10 years old, it will be costing you a lot more to run than a new boiler, and it’s probably worth replacing.

5. You’re always on the phone to a boiler engineer

All boilers need a yearly service, and many require minimal maintenance from time to time. But if you’re always having to call in a boiler engineer because your boiler’s playing up, this is a sure sign that you need a new one.

Investing in a new, highly efficient model may seem like a big step – but think about all the time and money you’ll save by not having to call out a boiler engineer every 2 weeks. Your energy bills are also very likely to be cheaper, as you won’t be trying to heat your home with a model that isn’t working to full capacity.

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6. Replacement boiler parts are hard to find

You’ll also probably need to start considering buying a new boiler if your current one is proving difficult to repair. If your boiler engineer tells you that replacement parts for your boiler are hard to find, this is a sign that they aren’t being manufactured anymore, probably because your boiler is old or significantly inefficient compared to newer models. It also means that your boiler might end up being impossible to repair either now or in the near future. Don’t waste money on repair bills for a boiler you’re only going to have to replace in a year’s time – find your new boiler now.

7. Your boiler’s leaking or grubby

A leaking or grubby boiler is also one that might need replacing. Boiler leaks can cause significant damage to your home, and are a sign that there’s a significant problem with your boiler. Grubby marks on or around your boiler can also be a sign that it’s leaking carbon monoxide, a dangerous gas that could be fatal to you and your household. If you think your boiler might have a carbon monoxide leak, you should leave your home and call the emergency gas line on 0800 111999 immediately.

8. Your notice strange noises or smells

You might also need a new boiler if your current one is emitting strange noises or smells. A fully-functioning boiler is unlikely to be totally silent, but won’t bang, pop or give off strange smells – theses are all signs of a major fault or carbon monoxide leak. Call out a boiler engineer to investigate the problem, and be prepared to buy a new boiler if the problem is difficult or expensive to repair.

9. Your boiler’s missing its blue flame

Another sign that you might need to replace your old boiler with a new one is that it’s missing its blue flame. Gas boilers should have a crisp, blue flame – this is a sign that they’re burning fuel safely and efficiently. If the flame is yellow or goes out intermittently, this could be a sign that there’s a carbon monoxide leak or your boiler’s malfunctioning in some other way. This might be a problem that could be fixed, but the chances are it’ll be more economical to invest in a new boiler.

If you notice any of these signs, it’s highly likely that your home needs a new boiler. Investing in a new boiler that’s suitable for your property will have a range of great benefits – less energy waste, lower fuel bills and less time spent worrying about your boiler.

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Evy Coe | 17 Oct, 2018


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